Let Montessori Singapore Encourage Your Preschooler to Learn Through Exploration

As a parent to a curious preschooler, you know little kids learn through touch, taste, and exploration of the world around them. Why does this have to change simply because they go to school? There’s a better way for young children to discover the joys of learning, and it has nothing to do with a boring desk and assignments. With Montessori Singapore, you can see how we encourage preschoolers to learn through exploration.

What is the Montessori Technique?

The main idea behind Montessori is to allow kids to learn through hands-on experiences with the guidance of a teacher. Rather than focusing on textbook learning and endless lessons, the child will use manipulatives to learn a language, mathematics, science, and more.

One example is how we will help them grow a plant rather than tell them how plants grow. The hands-on aspect of it will keep their interest as they plant water and see it become a plant.

With Montessori learning, your preschool will also learn through both independent experiences and interaction with their peers. This includes playing with children of a similar age and ability level.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment

The learning environment is a vital part of learning. In our classrooms, everything nurtures your child and encourages them to want to learn. There is structure to the learning processes, but we also strive to put your child in control by allowing natural curiosity to take over.

As soon as they walk into the classroom, they will see toys, various materials, and manipulatives that they will use to play with and learn. Most of the manipulatives that they will work with are made of natural wood to be safe and durable enough to keep up with their changing needs.

Let Us Show You the Montessori Way

We know that your child’s education is something that is very important to you. We want you to feel confident that you are making the best choice for your child’s future. Therefore, we encourage you to visit us online and learn all that you can about our techniques and the many things we do for your child while they are with us.

No matter what skill level your preschooler is at now, Montessori Singapore will be happy to further their education through natural exploration. To get started, you simply have to try us.

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